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About LASMCER-2023

IFERP is honoured to extend an invitation to the world's most esteemed thinkers to attend its distinguished "International conference in Latest Advancements in Science, Management, Commerce and Educational Research (LASMCER-2023)” on October 25th and 26th 2023 in Toronto, Canada .

Cross-disciplinary topics like computer engineering and communication systems have an impact on everything from networking & communication, security & data privacy, artificial intelligence & machine learning, data science & analytics. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of computer engineering, we have developed an agenda that includes, among other things, communication systems and business development. A lot of people are expected to attend and listen to LASMCER-2023, a scientific conference. We are putting together an incredible scientific programme, led by eminent invited speakers, researchers, scientists, academicians, engineers, and industry spokespersons, that will not only highlight exciting new advancements in Computer Science & Engineering but also highlight its transformative significance in a variety of Communication Systems and Business Development.

We hope that the extensive scientific programme lives up to your expectations and that attending the conference will provide you the chance to network with coworkers, friends, and recognised specialists from across the world. We remain optimistic that the hybrid nature of International conference in Latest Advancements in Science, Management, Commerce and Educational Research (LASMCER-2023) will offer a free forum for debating all facets of matter at the nanoscale, exchanging ideas, igniting collaborations, and creating new networks despite the challenging times we are experiencing.

The Scientific Committee is putting together an engaging schedule that will cover all of these exciting aspects of Computer Engineering, Communication Systems, and Business Development and we'll have excellent keynote speakers, a fine Organizing Committee that will assist you before and during the event. The scientific conference includes keynote speakers, oral presentations, poster sessions, discussion forums, and workshops. This is a great chance to network in LASMCER-2023, share knowledge with a big audience, and present your research findings.

Who Can Attend

  • right-arrow Research Scholars
  • right-arrow Educators
  • right-arrow Industry Professionals
  • right-arrowPractitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing)
  • right-arrow Delegates
  • right-arrow Stakeholders
  • right-arrow Editorial Board Members of Journals
  • right-arrow Faculty Scholars
  • right-arrow Innovators
  • right-arrow PhD Scholars
  • right-arrow MBA/Msc. Students
  • right-arrow Government Officials
  • right-arrow Technology Experts
  • right-arrow Students & Alumini’s

Scope & Benefits

The following are the Scope and Benefits of the LASMCER-2023, Which will be held on 25th and 26th October 2023 in Toronto, Canada.

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    Multidisciplinary research helps define and explore new ideas or investigate neglected areas. Many interviewees said that interacting with people in a professional's own discipline can usually only bring about incremental innovation, while collaborating with people from other disciplines can potentially lead to the generation of new ideas and revolutionary technologies.

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    Varied Expertise

    Multidisciplinary projects make it possible to draw on the expertise of different disciplines to solve specific problems. In the scenario of applied research, most people said the collaboration was necessary because a single partner did not have sufficient expertise to do all the work on their own.

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    Addressing Hard-To-Address Challenges

    In addition, multidisciplinary research is considered essential nowadays to address complex issues that cross disciplinary boundaries. Nevertheless, some people have recognized that there is still a debate between the pros and cons of having, for example, computer science inspired by biology. In any case, there is certainly a need to develop more sophisticated artefacts, which is in favour of multidisciplinary research.

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    Speeding Up Rate Of Progress

    The advantage of multidisciplinary research is also that research can converge faster. Researchers are more effective if they are able to add their expertise to solve problems. Indeed, it would take more time for a single laboratory to acquire the level of expertise required in another field.

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    Bridging Theoretical & Applied Research

    Another multidisciplinary project opportunity is that it can serve as a bridge between fundamental and applied research. Basic researchers can confront their knowledge with real problems and applied researchers can benefit from the most advanced knowledge.

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    Ensuring A Higher ROI

    In addition, the return on investment of research funding in one discipline is increased if knowledge from one field can be applied in another. This also applies to using tools or methodologies from one discipline to solve problems from other disciplines.

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    Giving Rise To New Disciplines

    Multidisciplinary research therefore offers the possibility of opening up new areas of research, tackling complex problems and covering investment in research by opening up the use of knowledge, tools, methodology and solutions produced in one field to other disciplines.